The garden landscaping process

What will actually happen when you contact us?

Initially we’ll talk through your garden project to get an insight into what you are hoping to achieve.

If it’s an individual landscaping project like a new path or patio, or a bespoke water feature then we would come out to visit you, measure up, discuss suitable materials and provide a quote for the work within 7-10 days.

If accepted the works will commence as soon as possible and we give a realistic assessment of our work schedule to help you plan the event into your lives.

For simple garden projects like walls, steps and patios where you already have a good idea of exactly what you want then we can usually quote and construct without getting a garden designer involved..

If it’s a more complex project involving elements of design whether a full garden makeover or part of a garden or landscape – then we would suggest that you use a garden designer. Although this seems like an unnecessary added expense it really will make the difference between an average garden and a truly fabulous one.

Over the years The Gardenmakers have  worked with several very talented garden designers in all parts of our operating region (specific gardens can be seen on our ‘Gardens’ page) so we would point you in the right direction or better still, get the designer to call you. For this part of the process you engage and employ the designer. Please note that we have no affilliation with any of the designers we would recommend and no fees ever pass between us.

If you do use a designer then you would be visited and have an outline consultation meeting. This will also give you the opportunity to look through portfolios of the designers previous work and indeed to get thoroughly inspired and enthused by their ideas and creativity! A professional designer will charge for this consultation.


The designer will then write to you with a summary of their thoughts after the meeting and a written fee-proposal for all items discussed will be provided. Once the fee proposal has been accepted then you will have another really detailed meeting during which ideas, likes and dislikes, aspirations and any practical requirements will be discussed.

 Garden construction budgets

The designer will also discuss budgets with you. This is a thorny topic and understandably some people are reluctant to divulge how much they want to spend. This is a false economy. Without any idea of budget it’s quite possible for a designer to produce a garden that the client can’t actually afford to build (or at the other end of the scale disappointing the client by trying to economise too much when in fact they would have been happy to spend more to get better quality materials and a higher spec build.)

 Once the design has been drawn up and presented it’s time for The Gardenmakers to get involved again. At this stage we will provide a detailed specification and quote for the work, a timetable of works and a rough estimate of when the work can be carried out.

If this is accepted then it’s all systems go!

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