Marshalls have just announced a revolutionary new landscaping product that could make traditional granite and York stone setts partially redundant. They’ve spent the last two years perfecting the product and it’s being released to Approved Installers about now. Read on for details and video..

Using setts for paved areas or driveways has always been a labour intensive exercise. We often do this on landscaping projects in Warwickshire where there are many Tudor buildings and period properties. The setts are usually quite deep – sometimes up to 6-8″ which means excavating a huge amount of material to incorporate the  hardcore sub base (or concrete if it’s for vehicles), the mortar bed and the setts. The Marshalls product is pretty much the same size as a normal paver and it’s laid in the same way so it’s quicker and cheaper but gives a very passable impression of real cobbles.

Admittedly I haven’t seen this product in person yet but I have high hopes that for once a genuine breakthrough has been made in the world of hard landscaping!

Here’s a video that shows the product and how it’s laid.

PS, I’ve now talked to Marshalls about the new Cobbletech product and they are only releasing it to their Approved Installers.  So we’re in the fortunate position of being able to offer landscaping clients in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds exclusive access to this great new product. The Cobbles will be shipped directly from Marshalls (with no delivery charge – I checked!) with a minimum order of 25 sq metres. There are 5 block sizes and they come 5.46 sq metres to the pack. Three of us will be attending an installer course on Friday 22nd June and I’ll have a sample board to show people after that. Contact David on 07962 155433 if you’re interested in seeing this product!