It seems like all the news is about Marshalls at the moment however this snippett is worth a ‘heads up’ to anybody looking to use a registered installer this summer. Normally a Marshalls registered landscaping contrator will offer you a  Marshalls-backed hard landscaping guarantee against faulty product and workmanship. It lasts 5 years and comes at a cost of £50. Not bad value for peace of mind.

As the title of the post suggests, Marshalls are offering this guarantee free for the rest of the summer (I don’t have the end date at the moment but will update this post when I do.) Just an added incentive to use their excellent products.

It’s probably worth mentioning to local readers that The Gardenmakers can also offer a guarantee via the Trustmark scheme. This lasts 6 years and costs about the same. It protects your deposit payments through to faulty workmanship (even if the contractor you’ve used has gone out of business.) We’re able to use the Trustmark scheme because we’re full members of the Association of Professional Landscapers.

Here’s a thought. There are at least two guarantee schemes out there and I know some of the other paving manufacturers offer one with their registered installers too.  Being able to offer these guarantees for landscaping work is part and parcel of being a legitimate landscaping business and helps to seperate us from the cowboys. Each scheme insists on a series of quality assurance hoops being negotiated and they do follow up afterwards (only this morning I received a curt letter from Marshalls letting me know that my public liability insurance had elapsed on their system and could I forward proof that I had renewed it!)

The free guarantee offer is valid until 30th September 2012.