Actually not that much earlier! We completed landscaping this Oriental-style garden in Oxford just before the Kings High project in Warwick. For a change  this one was designed by me (usually we’re working with other garden designers on their projects) and I’m very pleased with the result.

The brief was to create something that was more exhibit than garden. The clients are busy professionals with grown-up kids and their interaction with the garden was going to be from a chair on the patio or looking through the large kitchen window. Both involving large glasses of wine in favour of secateurs!

They had spent some time living and working in Japan and wanted a Japanese ‘feel’ to the garden so I designed a simple garden layout incorporating oriental-style touches based around a natural-looking central pool with low level waterfall.

Tom did a cracking job constructing the pond and waterfall while Darrell concentrated on the granite sett-edged paving. The whole project took 3 ½ weeks for 3 very hard-working men to complete. As always, when you look back you wonder where the heck the time goes, even on seemingly ‘simple’ projects.

One of the questions I try to ask clients once their garden is complete is ‘did you appreciate the amount of work and time that would go into landscaping your new garden?’ and their answer is always ‘No!’

The client and I spent a happy afternoon selecting some nice mature plants (including Acers and bamboos) at Tendercare  Nursery in Uxbridge and the rest of the plants were sourced from local nurseries.

Meanwhile the wet weather today prevented us from moving forwards with the Bubbenhall (Warwickshire) garden project.  While this is frustrating, we can’t really complain after such a dry late-winter and early spring when very little time was lost.